Banished Empress and the Penal Colony


  • Title: Banished Empress and the Penal Colony
  • Circle: Heisendou
  • Release date: Nov/24/2019
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English (Translate by Agnaricson)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)


Banished Empress and the Penal Colony Free Download with Direct Links.

Empress Eleonore’s kingdom is defeated, and she is found guilty of rebelling against the Emperor, and thus exiled to the Malaise Island.
There, she hears rumors of miraculous treasures sleeping deep in the ground,and of a dragon that protects it all.
With dreams of rebuilding her lost empire, Empress Eleonore’s adventure begins!

Banished Empress and the Penal Colony [Heisendou]

– An orthodox RPG: Search the dungeon, and defeat floor gatekeeper monsters to progress deeper.

– The men on the island are lusting after Elanor.
The lords of the island who had past dealings with her, weapon-smiths, guards charged with monitoring her activity…
If they catch her, what things will happen to her?

– Enjoy lots of hot and erotic events!
Events primarily trigger via the lust parameter and sex count.

Banished Empress and the Penal Colony [Heisendou]

– Contains 3 endings.
After game completion, the game can be played freely, so it is possible to trigger all the events if you haven’t yet

– Event Viewer & CG Gallery included.

– Press Alt+Enter for toggling between full-screen and windowed mode.


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