• Title: Elvensang
  • Developer: Worlaix
  • Publisher: Worlaix (Patreon – Subscribestar)
  • Release date: 19 Oct, 2021
  • Version: Episode 3
  • Language: English (Official)
  • Censored: No (Uncensored)


Elvensang Free Download with Direct Links.

Elvensang tells the story of a young elf living in a predominantly human world where his kind is subjected to scorn and prejudice due to a history of war between the two races. Throughout the game, you will be presented with a large variety of choices that will shape the protagonist as well as the characters around him. These characters all have an agenda of their own, from well-intended pursuits of fulfillment to nefarious plots to usurp power in a chaotic, everchanging world.

Choices in Elvensang

What makes an impactful choice is a subjective topic and so I won’t feed you any vague promises. You will have to be the judge of whether the choices in Elvensang truly matter, but no choice you make is ever disregarded as only a cosmetic button that I made you click for some semblance of interactivity. Every choice you make is acknowledged with alteration to the dialogue, the narrative, or even the course of the story itself as the protagonist is shaped by your decisions.

Characters and story

Elvensang strives to be a story-driven game – everything that happens is the result of characters’ actions during the pursuit of their own goals, no matter how small. The characters are motivated by their own desires and fears, and I want them to feel believable above all else. Loss of innocence will be a topic explored from many angles in Elvensang, and at the start of his journey, the main character himself is young, inexperienced, and mostly benevolent – which makes him just as susceptible to the corruption of his morality as anyone else when exposed to the cruelty of the world.


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