• Title / タイトル: GranEndeII / Gran Ende II
  • Brand / ブランド: 樋渡本舗 / Hiwatari Honpo
  • Release / 販売日: 2018/07/26


* Story

In the middle of his journey, the protagonist arrives in a small village.
When he gets into a forest of Elves to collect mushrooms
in order to earn his travel expenses, his kismet shows a sign of change.

Gran Ende II [Hiwatari Honpo]

With an Elven girl by the name of Juno accompanying, he heads
to a suburban city “Valnista”. Having known nothing about
the world outside of the forest of Elves, Juno is to obtain various
experiences and knowledge throughout the adventure with the protagonist.
Up ahead in the distance is……

* The story itself has nothing to do with the previous work,
so this product can be enjoyed as a standalone RPG.

* Game System
The male protagonist (can be renamed) and Juno go conquering
dungeons around the town of Valnista in this RPG.
It is possible to have communications with Juno almost anytime in the town
and the dungeons. He can do erotic things when her love meter is enough.

* About H Events

H events can be prompted as long as her love meter is over a certain value.
She gets EXP in each parameter by doing H so that you can see new
situations and illustrations. Also, making progressions in particular events
will unlock H events with sub-heroines. All H scenes are between
the protagonist and the heroine (or sub-heroines).

48 base HCG

* Note
Please refer to the included text file for transferring save data from the trial version.

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:


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