Idol Project : NTR


  • Title: Idol Project : NTR
  • Developer: Studio Neko Kick
  • Publisher: H-GAME
  • Release date: Japanese Apr/30/2020, English Aug/22/2021
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English, Japanese (Official)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)


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The main character has given up his dream of becoming an entertainer in a half way.
At the small entertainment agency where he was hired because of his friendly personality, he was assigned a job of training and promoting a new idol.
However, the way a new idol takes is not an easy one, and things don’t go well.
The hands of the demon, who is the head of a large advertising agency, approach to the heroine.

Idol Project : NTR

The idol who don’t have much clutches even at straws.
If she has bad results, she tries to remain as an idol ‘whatever it takes’.
Of course that, can be hided from you.

If you go with your pure love, or you will have your love taken by the demon… it’s up to you.

[Mini Game]

Respect for Idol Promotion Game
Three types of mini game (quiz game, rhythm-like game, and memory game) are included.

Your job is to train and promote this idol so that she can be successful.

Idol Project : NTR


The game is proceeded with the computer mouse operation.

The function that avoids cuckolding is equipped.
You can fully skip the cuckolding scene. (The scene will not be collected.)

There are two route, which are ‘pure-love route’ and ‘NTR route’.

You can touch the heroine or take off her clothes!
There are many different scenes, and they change in many ways depending on where you touch.

You can change the name of the main character.
You may set it to your name, or you can also set it to the name of someone you know.

Idol Project : NTR

[Heroine Full Voice]

Ayaka Sahara (Voice actress: Pako Shirokawa)
A girl dreaming of becoming an idol. She is shy and doesn’t want to be in front of the crowd.


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