Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~ Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent.

Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~


  • Title: Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~
  • Circle: inusuku
  • Release date: Japanese Aug/22/2019, English Sep/06/2021
  • Last updated: Japanese Jul/10/2020
  • Version: V2.0.1
  • Language: English (Official)
  • Censored: No (Uncensored)


Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~ Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent.

A daily life simulation with your younger sister.
Little by little, day by day…

You’re living alone when your younger sister ends up staying with you.

Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~ (English ver.) [inusuku]

When such an opportunity comes knocking on your door,
what kind of brother will you become for her?

* Life with a Younger Sister
You are an oniichan, and she is your imouto.
After she finishes her day at school and you work,
you’ve got plenty of time left at home together to get to know her better.

Peep while she takes a bath, or spray your jizz on her while she sleeps.
We even recommend stealing her panties for your panty fiends.

* Slowly but Surely…
At first you have to be cautious not to get caught…
Slowly the range of things you can do increases.

Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~ (English ver.) [inusuku]

Play games together, go out on your day off, do naughty things while
she’s asleep, and even take a bath together.
Over time, she’ll even open up and let you make sweet sweet love.

* Imouto Touching 2.0 System Implemented
We have implemented the “Imouto Touching 2.0” system.
What is that you ask?

It allows you to caress her nipple with your left hand as she drifts off into
dream land, and stroke your shaft with your right while staring at her panties.
You can even tease her clit and nipples and kiss her while you’re inside of her.

Depending on the play, you may even ejaculate inside of her from the way
her pussy tightens when she orgasms through clit stimulation…

* Oniichan Making System (OMS) Implemented
Create yourself with Oniichan Making System (OMS).
We have 4 slightly different oniichans prepared for you to use:
“Student” “Part Time Worker” “Office Worker” “Bum”
Choose whichever oniichan that you think she will enjoy the most.

* Exploding Imouto
To pursue realism, your Imouto will explode.

* Other
This work is written in black and white (monochrome)


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