• Title: Mesu Inu Haramase Oyakodon ~Oba to Itoko o Aherase Meromero na Yari Makuri Pet Shiiku ♪~
  • Original title: 牝犬孕ませ母娘丼 ~叔母と従姉妹をアヘらせメロメロなヤリまくりペット飼育♪~
  • Year: Japan 2019-05-24, English Version 2019-08-30
  • Developer: Miel
  • Publishers: Cherry Kiss Games
  • Language: English
  • Voice: Japanese


Because of a declining birthrate society has had to adapt! Now that only a select few men are capable of having kids, those precious individuals are allowed to claim a willing lady partner as their very own “Pleasure Pet” to combat the low birthrate menace! For as long as you can remember you’ve been living with Kaede, a gorgeous mother, and her sexy daughter Ayane. Thanks to being surrounded by these beautiful babes every single day you’re lust has reached a breaking point and it turns out YOU are one of the rare males who can have kids so obviously the first thing you have to do is tame the mother and daughter pair as your very first Pleasure Pets!

Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets

With your legendary status enjoy the benefits of having a pair of Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets by getting into all kinds of naughty fun. Take them on a X-rated walk in the park, make them howl with joy at home, partake in some pervy play on the streets, just make sure they are nice and pregnant in the end! Thank you for doing your part for the repopulation effort!


Censored Version

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