The apocalypse has come and gone, but mankind remains. This is the story of the few who were left behind to survive on a dying planet. This is the day after.

Stranded in the middle of the South Pacific, the future looks bleak for the men and women of the TSF Carrier USS John F. Kennedy. With their food supply dwindling, their communications down, and no improvement in sight, tensions are steadily rising among the crew, and many are fast approaching their breaking point.

Lieutenant Will Collins has been entrusted with the thankless task of conducting recon in the nearby salt flats. After weeks of uneventful flights, his luck changes one fateful day, when he comes across a survivor: Lieutenant Lilia Kjellberg. And while this seems to have been a fortunate happenstance at first, Will soon finds himself at odds with the new addition to the crew, as their beliefs clash on a fundamental level.

Can these fellow surface pilots set their differences aside and work together to survive, or will their rivalry only hasten the JFK’s downfall?