We have completed the premium membership system, from now on you can become a premium member by registering and paying directly on the website without going through any third-party websites. . To learn more about premium membership benefits, visit here.

We have built-in 3 payment options: 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. For the 1-year option, get a slight discount. The only form of payment at the moment is Paypal, maybe in the future some other forms of payment will be added, I’m trying to sign up for a few other platforms like Stripe.

After successful account registration and payment, you need to wait from 2 to 12 hours (usually sooner) for us to check the payment invoice and then activate the account. Activation notice will be sent to the email you used to register your account as soon as we activate your account.

Regarding Ko-fi, everyone who has supported me on the platform can still log into the auto-generated account normally. Your account will expire 1 month after you registered.

Why don’t we use 3rd party support platforms?

As you can see, our Patreon page has just been locked for community violation content. Most of the content and games on Latest are illegal, uploaded for free without permission from the publisher. Just like other crack download sites, YES, we are pirates. Third-party platforms often target self-created and legal content, so there is no chance that Latest will survive on their platform. In the end, we still have to continue to find our own way.

Why would a website that uploads free and illegal content ask users to pay?

No, we do not ask for a fee to download. Uploaded games are made public and can be downloaded by anyone at any time. Our file servers are thoroughly speed tested before being put to use, but they are only free file hosts and we cannot guarantee that they will work well for all. everyone. So what do we need money for? First of all, the money earned from the site is to feed the administrators, we also need money to buy food 🙁 Second, we need money to pay for the file servers, hosts need funding to maintain their premium plans to keep files (links) alive as long as possible, if you are a frequent downloader you will understand what i am asking. And finally, we spend some money to buy requested games that other major sites don’t upload, which helps you to get updates done faster instead of waiting from the sites other.