Revenge of Gladiator Girl Free Download with Direct Links.

Revenge of Gladiator Girl


Revenge of Gladiator Girl Free Download with Direct Links.

  • Title: Revenge of Gladiator Girl
  • Developer: Short Hair Simp
  • Publisher: Short Hair Simp (
  • Release date: 1 Oct, 2021
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English (Official)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Store: Dlsite



Revenge of Gladiator Girl Free Download with Direct Links. “Wildy” A new housewife living in the countryside.
Her husband went on to become a gladiator for make money.
One Day….The Soldier knocked on the door of her house.

Revenge of Gladiator Girl [shorthairsimp]

He came to give the bad news.
He said her husband had died.
He was killed by “The Golden Giant ” Top Rank Gladiator.
To avenge her husband.
She practices fighting and become a gladiator…………


Turn Base RPG with ATB (Active Time Battle) Style Include Erotic content.
Grinding Level on Arena!
The goal of vengeance is the number one gladiator.
You have to become stronger to challenge him.
Choose to fight monsters of the right level to level up.

Boss Fight!

There are two types of boss fights.
Normal Boss : For level faster !!
Replica Boss : For challenge !!
Duel With Other Gladiator !

Revenge of Gladiator Girl [shorthairsimp]

Battle other gladiators to unlock the main story and side story.
Sometimes If you win you will be able to choose whether to kill or not.
Which will affect the story of that person.
Revolution against the Tyrant King.

About H-Scene:

This game have 17 Set CG different.
– Adult content It’s the only way to earn fast in-game money.
– Adult content has no effect on the main story.
– After Clear Game All route You can unlock All scenes.
– Main Character Age Over 18

Revenge of Gladiator Girl [shorthairsimp]


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