This is a confirmation post, we will choose Ko-fi as the Patreon alternative.
We were torn between integrating Paypal payments directly on the website and paying through the Ko-fi platform. With direct payment, your funds will be transferred directly to my Paypal account but they will be held by Paypal for 21 days, besides some people have error in payment so after a few days of using I decided to stop this payment method.
Some people who have paid me through direct payment can still use the account until the end of the cycle (1 month), then if you still want to continue being a premium member, please register for an account. new account on our Ko-fi.

Why did we decide to choose Ko-fi?

Ko-fi has registered as a partner with Paypal, so when paying through this site, everyone’s information will be secure by them. If you need more proof of their safety, you can go to the Explore section of the homepage, where there are many famous content creators also using their platform. Finally, we confirm Ko-fi is safe and all your information is kept confidential.
We have also integrated the feature to automatically create a premium member account after you successfully pay via Ko-fi. Different from Patreon’s old account connection feature, this new premium membership account is created directly on our website (on the website’s own database) so even if in the future if the site Our ko-fi has crashed again, your premium membership account still exists and you can still log in them normally.
What I feel annoyed with Ko-fi right now is that they only support 2 payment methods, Paypal and Stripe. Unfortunately, Stripe is not supported in my country so Paypal is the only payment method you can make with my page on Ko-fi.