Cocoa and Taro THE GAME vol.1


  • Title: Cocoa and Taro THE GAME vol.1
  • Circle: animal trail
  • Release date: Oct/06/2021
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English (Edited MTL by Banality)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)


Cocoa and Taro THE GAME vol.1 Free Download with Direct Links.

This is the first of a new series of daily life of characters, centered on Inukai Kokoa and the stray dog Talo from “Stray dog fiance-“!
The purpose is to record episodes and behind-the-scenes stories that were not included in the story of the main story, “Stray dog fiance-“.

Cocoa and Taro THE GAME vol.1 [animal trail]

We will deliver a bestiality story with 21 basic CGs + α and 258 differences.
(* There is no mosaic processing on the animal body during the main story)

Recording episode (1) Here’s a naughty part-time job

Shinai-chan, who has a high sense of beauty, such as clothes and cosmetics, is always running out of money!
Taro, a stray dog, brings a story about a part-time job with a high hourly wage for Kokoa-chan, who is lonely in the wallet situation.

Cocoa and Taro THE GAME vol.1 [animal trail]

Recorded episode (2) Mama-san and Taro, the story of the beginning!

“Mama’s capture by Taro that happened behind the main story of” Stray dog’s wife “…
The whole picture will be revealed.

There is also this time! CG recollection room!

We have implemented a CG recollection room so that you can recollect the H scene at any time this time as well!


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