• Title: Himemiko Iden Ao Inoshishitai
  • Original title: 姫巫女 異伝青猪隊
  • Year: Japan 2019-05-31, English Patch 2020-04-13
  • Developer: Yukari
  • Publisher: Yukari
  • Language: English
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Translation: Avallac’h Translations


Himemiko Iden Jouitai

Translation Note:

  • All lines translated and tested.
  • All images translated and edited.
  • All commands lines translated and tested.
  • All sex scenes translated and all bloopers fixed.
  • Remade all the buttons from the main menu.
  • Menu commands translated.
  • Translated all titles for the replay mode and save files.
  • Added line break in all game for easy reading.
  • Tsutsuji and Neneko sometimes have almost inaudible voices, don’t forget to increase the volume of their voices
  • Game name corrected to: Himemiko Iden Jouitai

Known Problems:

  • 17b.ks – the game may treat as 17a and sometimes it won’t load your save
  • 35.ks – Shirabe has no voice in a dialog
  • 41.ks – Neneko has no voice in a dialog
  • e19.ks – voices numered to an inexistent scene (e21.ks)
  • Rarely, the game will crash when loading a save, just load a previous save and it’ll work.

Translator’s Note:
“Hello, this is Avallach and I want to thank you for checking out this translation, Himemiko Iden Jouitai is a translation project that took 3 months to finish (2 months if I exclude the time that I worked on another project). My focus is old games, but I wanted to see what the “new and short” games that all the companies seem to be doing… Well, I guess I should stick to the old games and abandoned projects.
After I launched my Patreon, I never expected that people wanted to support me so early, so I want to thank you all very much. If you notice some major problem if the translation, contact me and I’ll fix it up.
[email protected]
Stay safe, stay healthy and remember: Tsutsuji is the best girl.”

Himemiko Iden Jouitai


Censored Version

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