Shiina Maho no Himitsu ~Name wa H de Omoitsukimasu~ Free Download

With beautiful flowing black hair and good looks, on top of a calm personality and polite speech, Maho is a well-raised lady no matter how you look at it. However, behind that exterior lies a true side that no one could have imagined: she is actually a avid ero doujin author!

Koutarou ended up moving into the apartment that she managed and quickly discovered the secret that she had tried to cover up at all costs. She was horrified that her secret was out, but contrary to her expectations, he accepted and supported her dream of being a creator. So, she made a once-in-a-lifetime request to him in order to produce the most amazing work: “Could you provide me with erotic reference materials?”

Thus, he was recruited to help with countless ‘material gathering sessions’. How will the ero manga that they worked on together turn out?​

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