OTOMI-GAMES.COM shares game content COMPLETELY FREE and will always be that way. However, imagine us as a factory, we need money to maintain the machinery (web servers, file storage servers…) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need money to buy food, drinks, and cover daily living expenses (uploaders). You might find it annoying when ads appear while using the website, and we sincerely apologize for this, but it’s the “source of livelihood” to sustain the website.

If you can, please support us with the price of a cup of coffee each month, as it helps motivate us to keep the website alive and bring more new games to the community. We are very grateful for the contributions from all of you!

Contributing to us is a voluntary act from you, everything on the website is still always available for free download for everyone.

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Premium Download Server

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What will happen after the payment is completed?

The account creation process is done MANUALLY, so please be patient and wait for approximately 2 – 24 hours after completing the payment for us to create your premium user account. Regularly check your email to ensure that you do not miss the email containing the password setup for your premium user account from us.

Important: make sure your email is ACTIVE.

Below is the account setup email template you will receive:


Login information:

Username: your email
Password: set by the step above

How do I access the PREMIUM SERVER (OtomiCloud)?

The premium user accounts on the main page (annauniv.org) and the premium server page (pre.annauniv.org) are SEPARATE and both are created MANUALLY. However, for user convenience, we use the same account name between these two pages, which is your email address, with only the password being different. To clarify, this means that the password on the main page is set by you (based on the email you receive from us), and the password on the premium server page is provided by us.
To retrieve information for the premium server account, please ACCESS HERE (make sure you are logged in with your premium user account).

Update: We have built a dedicated download server for premium members. It has been completed and is available for use by premium members.


The screen displayed as shown in the image means you have successfully logged in. Now, you can use the “OtomiCloud” links in posts containing them to download.

How do I know if I have successfully logged into the main page (annauniv.org) or not?

After entering your account (email) and password, you will be automatically redirected to the homepage. The easiest way to recognize a successful login is that the advertisements will disappear (a benefit of premium users included). However, the most accurate way to check if you have successfully logged in is to check the Sidebar; if you see an item like the image below, it means you have LOGGED IN SUCCESSFULLY.

Forgot your password and how to change it to a new one?

If you forget your password on the main page (annauniv.org), you can completely recover it through the “Forgot password” button on the login page. As for the password on the premium server page (pre.annauniv.org), it will be fixed, so you don’t need to change it.