The Final Masochist Calling of the Heisei Era Free Download

The Final Masochist Calling of the Heisei Era

~ [Onigashima] was not just a thing mentioned in ancient tales ~

Akira Momota is an undefeated pro-wrestler, who has a massive female following
due to his perfected physique and looks, and is admired as a hero by children.

One day, his kouhai Kijima asks him to join a fighting tournament,
and he agrees hoping to earn a massive amount of fight money.

However, what worried him was his opponent. The fighting team was in fact—

The Final Masochist Calling of the Heisei Era [Final] [TOKYO MIXED]

After circumventing the DRM, the game starts the story without showing the player the Title Screen. So, to display the title screen, just press “Title” in the bottom left menu, OK. Then you can select Menu Title.
Make sure to enable all the SKIP options in the settings.
In very rare instances, the game might freeze, so make sure to save.

Use one of those apps to upscale the game window and enjoy the game, full-screen, in your native resolution:

  • Lossless Scaling (paid) – Recommended preset: Anime4k OR LS1 .
  • Magpie (free) – Recommended preset: Anime4kGAN .

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